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We are a Somerville dentist family practice that treats children as well as adults​


Diagnostic and Preventative​

(cleanings & check-ups)

Basic Restorative

(bondings & fillings)

As a practice, we strongly believe that preventative care and patient education are a top priority to optimal dental health. Before completing a thorough exam and cleaning, which includes checking all your teeth and gums, an oral cancer screening, and x-rays, we will review your medical history and list of medications. Some illness, as well as medications to treat them can have an impact on your dental health. We will review proper brushing and flossing techniques. We may discuss nutrition and sugar intake. We will never judge your oral care in the past, however, we may hold you responsible once you become a patient in our practice. 

Major Restorative

(crowns, bridges, dentures & partials)

Major restorative is when more than a filling is needed to repair or replace a tooth. This would include crowns, bridges, partials and dentures. The new techniques that are out there today are amazing. From partials that have no metal hooks to crowns and bridges that are fabricated by computer technology for a perfect fit. The most incredible technology today, of course, are implants. Gone are the days of those ugly appliances and porcelain chipping off your crowns. From bonded fillings to computer generated crowns, modern dentistry has  made fantastic strides in making a beautiful and affordable smile available to everyone.​

Restorative is a word used to describe a tooth that needs to be fixed, (restored). Basic restorative refers to what we commonly call a filling. There are many reasons why this may happen. Possibly, because of a broken tooth, chipped/broken filling, or a cavity. Did you know it is possible to have a smile make-over with the latest bonding materials. This office only uses bonded fillings (tooth colored) for all teeth. We have not used the old amalgam (silver) fillings for the past 12 years. No one but you and your dentist needs to know if you have any fillings.

 Endodontics and Extractions

(root canals & pullings)

If you need either one of these, you might be in a lot of pain, which may cause you to make a rash decision regarding your teeth. At our office we first try to alleviate your pain with an anesthetic and/or a round or antibiotics as well as a pain management plan. This will allow you the time to make an informed decision that best suits your needs. ​Most teeth are worth saving with a root canal, however, not in all cases. The simple truth is some teeth just need to be extracted. We do perform simple extractions as well as simple root canals. If your case shows evidence of possible difficulty we may refer you to a specialist. We want to ensure the best possible care for you.


Our office offers a top of the line bleaching service. It is a take home system with trays/strips that require 15/20 minutes a day of bleaching in the privacy of your home. 

The  system is called Opalescence Go by Ultradent

It is not reccommended to bleach your teeth without first having a clean bill of health from your dentist.

Night Guards and Other Appliances

We do offer a variety of night guards as well as other appliances / retainers. There are many reasons you may need a mouth guard or night guard. You could be grinding your teeth which may cause a TMJ problem. You might have stopped wearing your ortho retainer and now it doesn't fit. A new once can be fabricated to prevent further shifting of your teeth. There are many new types of appliances that can be custom made to meet your needs.

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