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​This page is to provide you with some simple advice on common dental problems, These topics will change periodically so please check again to see if there is some advice that can help you.

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Dental Advice


A toothache can range from a mild chronic pain to severe acute pain and or swelling. It is best to try and determine when the toothache began, does it ache all the time? Is it only after you had something to eat? Something hot, cold, or hard? Does it wake you up at night or keep you from sleeping? Does your tooth feel like it has a pulse? (constant throbbing)  These are all questions the Dr. will ask to help determine the best form of treatment. Until you can go to your dentist, you can try Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen as directed on the labels (providing, you can medically take these products), and avoid temperature extremes on the tooth. If you have swelling you need to call your dentist right away, you may have an infection and need an antibiotic. Don't suffer with tooth pain, call for an appointment today.

Sensitive Teeth

You may be seeing a lot of comercials on the television lately about sensitive teeth. The facts are that there are a few different reasons your teeth may be sensitive. From loose fillings to cervical abrasion or simply a reaction to certain foods you are currently eating. Try using a sensitive toothpaste to see if it helps . Ask your dentist why you have sensitive teeth and what is the best treatment for you.

Grinding, Clenching

(Bruxism) (TMJ)

Many people today are under a geat deal of stress and don't reconize some of the classic symptoms. Does your jaw ache in the morning, spreading to your ear, maybe just on one side? Bruxism, commonly known as clenching or grinding, is a common relief valve for stress. A warm moist compress and  Acetaminophen every 4 hours might provide some temporary relief. More people are becoming aware they grind their teeth at night while sleeping. Some are clenching their teeth during a rough day at work. The obvious fix is to remove the stress. But, that is not so easy in today's society. You should see your dentist to prevent damage to your teeth and jaw, it may be recommended to use a night guard. There are many new options over the counter as well as custom made appliances from your dental office. You may also be adviced to follow with a pain management plan and exercise therapy.


Bleaching has been the latest rage in dentistry for a few years now. Everyone is looking for the beautiful white smiles the super models have.  Bleaching can make a beautiful change in your smile, and some over the counter products do work, however, it is recommended to bleach your teeth under a dentist's care. You don't want to get caught up in the vicious cycle of thinking  your teeth aren't white enough. You can over bleach your teeth and possibly cause damage.


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